Cert: 16

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Los Angeles under a flaming sunset, rows of towering palm trees swaying in the breeze. Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, Quintan Tarantino's latest masterpiece, is imbued with the aesthetics of the City of Angels' inimitable glamour. Set in 1969, this Hollywood pastiche is the filmmaker's ode to the city of his childhood years, and inevitably stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt as Rick and Cliff, inspired by the life of Burt Reynolds.

The Hollywood Hills at the height of the hippie movement: Quentin Tarantino was six years old in 1969, and the Los Angeles he once knew is no more. But rather than nostalgic reminiscing, the filmmaker brings us a living, breathing snapshot of a time gone by: the end of the 1960s, when psychedelic comedies reigned supreme in Hollywood. Rick Dalton, Leonardo Di Caprio, a former Western TV star, and Cliff Booth, Brad Pitt, his long-time stunt double, really did exist. Tarantino was inspired by the well-known friendship that blossomed between the star of Deliverance (1972) and Boogie Nights (1997) and his stunt double, Hal Needham.

‘The film's ultra-sixties soundtrack sets the tone. ’

Cannes Film Festival 2019
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