Shiva R. Joyce Presents

PaperZines Storytelling Workshop

Winter Solstice - Yule

The longest night, Yule is around the corner.

Can we think upon the sun that always rises and gives us new dawn and new chances.

What do the trees and the animals do in preparation for winter?

What hopes have they for the return of the sun?

And you - what do you hope for on the shortest day and the longest night...?

This workshop will provide a half hour story development concept for 9 - 11 year olds, then give them the chance to create their own story or story ending from the tale shared in a single page zine which they will be able to take home.

ShivaRJoyce is an Irish-Antipodean writer who has worked across education, migrant & refugee & anti-discrimination supports and the creative arts.

Shiva’s writing seeks to create freedom narratives and fantastical tales for young people, alongside poetry, plays and prose for adult audiences that explores the periphery – particularly the gaps and silences.

She cultivates ethno-ecological visual and narrative spaces where those from marginalised backgrounds feel heard & reflected, having faced her own barriers at the intersection of race & gender.

She believes in ‘Arts as a means for Understanding & Connection’ and carries this ethos in her writing and visual art.

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