(Cert: Club)


Guillaume is a divorced, private chauffeur,desperately trying to make ends meet so that he can afford a larger apartment,in the hopes of winning joint custody of his daughter. He is assigned a demanding new client, Anne,a once-famous professional “nose” in the world of perfume design.

When Guillaume proves himself to be no push over in the face of Anne’s normal diva-like behaviour,she begins to soften towards him and this odd couple’s initial fractious meetings quickly develop into a mutual respect. Can Guillaume help Anne overcome her own anxieties and relaunch her career?

Featuring winning performances from the always reliable Devos and Call My Agent!’s Montel, this French comedy-drama is charming, elegant and refreshing.


Edinburgh International Film Festival 2020.

French Film Festival UK 2020.

*Please note that a Covid-19 Vaccination Cert is required to attend this performance.*

‘What really sets Perfumes apart, however, is the creative friction between two excellent actors. ... Montel is perfect at frazzle-haired confusion and sat-upon pathos. An ornament of her industry for 25 years, Devos once again shows an ability to work fragility in with domineering standoffishness. The two work together like a dream’

★★★★ - Donald Clarke, The Irish Times