Cert: CLUB


Polina, a young Russian girl, wants to dance. When she is accepted into a classical ballet school her parents struggle to cover the fees and her father turns to illicit dealings to progress his daughter's career. But Polina struggles under the rigor and restrictions of the classical ballet regime. Eventually she is introduced to the freedom of contemporary dance by her French lover and she adandons the Bolshoi for a Modern Ballet trop run by Liria Elsaj (Juliette Binoche).

This facinating coming of age drama features extraordinary dance sequences of both contemporaty and classical ballet. Struggling to find her way, Anastasia Shevtsova plays Polina with tenacity and grit.

Language: Russian, French

‘From a husband-and-wife team comes an emotionally compelling, brilliantly acted film about a Russian dancer.’

Wall Street Journal

‘A confident, winning, lived-in performance by Anastasia Shevtsova is at the heart of this ’

The New York Times

‘A teasingly austere, deliberately paced movie about a young Russian ballerina's progress from elegant classical drone to free-spirit…. ’