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Pop Up Mermaid

Take a leap of faith into the unknown with Mermaid Arts Centre this July where, for one night only, POP UP MERMAID will present a line-up of delectable bite-sized performances across theatre, dance and comedy. Curated by Nyree Yergainharsian and Shaun Dunne, and featuring a series of post-show conversations that bridge the gap between artist and audience. So, pop up, chill out, have a drink and get familiar with some of the amazing artists that inspire Mermaid Arts Centre.

Shane Daniel Bynre

Just before he hits up the Vodafone Comedy Festival, check out Shane Daniel Byrne- a brand new comedian.

Once considered an exciting new talent, rising star and “one to watch” of contemporary performance art in Dublin, Shane Daniel Byrne has nose-dived and crash-landed his career ever since. He lost his nerve. Inspiration out the window. Writer’s block – on the lock. He’s thirty years old now. Well, my God... Having recently left onstage nudity and fake blood and tears behind, Shane Daniel Byrne has decided to become a comedian. Imagine that... Don’t expect sexy; he will floor you with cuteness. He’s losing his hair but his heart’s in the right place. Less “ready for the runway”, more “scared and might runaway”.

Come see this brand new comedian fresh from being crowned “The Rockies Winner” at Kilkenny Cat Laughs.

Rebecca Grimes

POP UP MERMAID presents a work-in-progress showing of Fellas by Rebecca Grimes and Nyree Yergainharsian, performed by Rebecca Grimes.

Everybody wants somebody to love. Rebecca has been looking for love her whole life. She’s met some nice fellas, fancied some not so nice fellas, avoided some other fellas, and almost found the right fella (a few times). The search is long, exciting and often hilariously funny. As we nose dive into the real life diaries of 14 year old Rebecca we ask ourselves, when it comes to the pursuit of love, do we ever really change?

Straight out of RTE’s Fair City for one night only, join Rebecca (Hayley) as she provides you with much more information than you probably need.

Zoe Ní Riordáin

Everything I Do is a music driven theatre piece made up of an album’s worth of songs about love, loneliness and hope. Written and performed by Zoe Ní Riordáin, the show premiered at Dublin Fringe Festival in a sold out run at Project Arts Centre, where Zoe Ní Riordáin received the award for Best Performer at the Dublin Fringe Awards. Everything I Do is directed by Maud Lee & presented by One Two One Two.

"Anyone fresh from a bad breakup will recognise the sensations, oscillating between anguish and repudiation"

★★★★ Peter Crawley The Irish Times

"Mesmerising gig theatre"-Chris McCormack Musings on Intermissions

"Commanding, fearless performance"-