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Prose & Pose: Wild Hearts Swim Free

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Prose & Pose: Wild Hearts Swim Free

Led by The Aquatic Yogi Paul Donnelly and poet & writer Mairead de Bhal, this restorative poetry yoga workshop will guide you through a journey to explore the expanse of the sea to and what it means to you.

The workshop weaves together poses of meditation and relaxation with the writings and poetry of Mairead, encouraging participants to share their stories, experiences, musings either openly or anonymously amongst the closed group about their relationship to the water, while deepening their yoga practice.

These reflections will complement the journey that Mairead's words take you on, down to the water's edge, into aqueous immersion beyond that saline horizon and how our connection with the water, swimming, and the sea affects us for the better.

No bark of wind
Just Briny's whimper
I approach smiling
Obedient lapping by foot of steps
pup to their masters heel
Play fetch & I the stick!
From foaming air beyond
green leas
of wavy swell
am carried
Left back on land
Blues had their fill
Till playtime anew we wait