Cert: 16


We’re all about to lose our minds

Struggling to fit in at Oxford University, scholarship student and scouser Oliver Quick finds himself drawn into the world of the charming, aristocratic Felix Catton, who invites him to Saltburn, his eccentric family’s sprawling estate, for a summer never to be forgotten.

Written & directed by Academy Award Winner Emerald Fennell Saltburn is full of wit and edgy barbs, delivered with aplomb by the stellar cast including Rosamund Pike, Barry Keoghan, Richard E. Grant and Carey Mulligan. Set in 2006, a soundtrack of early 21st-century pop hits wonderfully timestamps this film where privilege and poverty collide with some wickedly shocking consequences. Visually decadent, perverse and great fun Saltburn is not for the fainthearted.

*Contains some scenes that viewers may find disturbing*

Director: Emerald Fennell

Cast: Barry Keoghan, Jacob Elordi, Rosamund Pike

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‘Come for the class warfare and the occasional shots-fired zingers about the rich being different than you and me. Stay for Keoghan.’

David Fear, Rolling Stone
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