Shorts for Wee Ones

We know it’s not just the youngest age group that enjoys these films, but we do seek out the best examples of films from around the world that will appeal most to those at the start of their engagement with film. This year we will be taking you all on a journey with animated stops in France, Germany, Slovenia, Norway and the Netherlands. Who needs a spoken language to tell a story when they are as visual as these are? Sheep, walruses, toddlers, jubee-loving Spuffies (wait and see!) and a bright red Wellington boot all invite us into their worlds for a whole host of adventures!

Here at Discovery we like to talk about films using the ‘three Cs and the three Ss’ – referring to Colour, Character, Camera, Sound, Setting and Story – and these films are great examples of how the filmmakers have made some very clever choices to tell their tales so effectively. A musical interpretation of the aurora borealis, simple geometric shapes to present a flock of sheep and a characterful spider we learn not to be afraid of are all on offer!

All these short films are dialogue free.

These magical tales will delight children age 3+ and are a colourful introduction to the cinema experience as well as moving image literacy.

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Sheep, 2018, dir. Julia Ocker, Germany (3'37") - no dialogue

Spacapufi: Žiže (Spuffies: Jubees), 2021, dir. Jaka Ivanc, Slovenia (11'08") - no dialogue

Step By Step, 2021, dirs. Thēodore Janvier, Fanny Paoli, Emma Gach, Anabelle David, Julie Valentin, Claire Robert, France (7'29") - no dialogue

Dooi (Thaw), 2021, dir. Arthur van Merwijk, The Netherlands (2'14") - no dialogue

La soupe de Franzy (Franzy's Soup Kitchen), 2021, dir. Ana Chubinidze, France (8'44") - no dialogue

Ursa - Nordlysets sang (Ursa - The Song Of The Northern Lights), 2021, dir. Natalia Malykhina, Norway (10'20") - no dialogue

Kayak, 2021, dirs. Solène Bosseboeuf, Flore Dechorgnat, Tiphaine Klein, Auguste Lefort , Antoine Rossi, France (6'11") - no dialogue

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