WSL: Kino

So you Want to Make a Dance Film

Dance films have the power to transport the viewer to any location in the world and share movement in fresh and exciting ways. Contrary to what you might imagine, you don't need a lot of expensive equipment to start creating impressive images of dance. If you have a smart phone or any type of video camera, please join us for an exploration of how movement is made for the screen. We'll start with basics, filling your toolbox with different shots, camera angles and other tips that allow you to film dance on location in urban or natural settings.

We'll imagine ways that choreography is crafted in relationship to place and camera, always with respect to your personal voice and style of dance. The workshop will explore the questions: How do we compose choreography for the screen? What types of projects are possible, from solo ventures to collaborative groups? And how is the camera a dancer too?

Professional resources and screening opportunities will also be discussed.

Full Day discount only applied when ticket of the same price for workshop and screening are purchased in the same transaction.

WSL Event 2 at Mermaid - Theatre performance WSL: Live: Thursday 6th April from 7pm

In-person Screendance workshop with Marisa Hayes and Franck Boulègue (FR)