Bray Jazz Festival Presents:

Solo & Indré (Senegal/Lithuania)

VENUE: Bray Town Hall

The universality of music, across cultures and continents, was put under the microscope when two of the leading players of the traditional strings of West Africa and the Baltics first recorded together, in 2015.

That collaboration, between Senegalese kora master, Solo Cissokho, and Lithuanian kanklės player, Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė, met with universal acclaim, and earned the duo winning a top prize from World Music Network, the following year.

Since then, Solo & Indré have been much in demand. The interlinking patterns of the West African kora and the medieval kanklés (a Baltic box zither) provide a platform for the pair to sing and perform beautiful and touching folk melodies from their homelands.

The warmth and playfulness of Solo Cissokho’s kora combines with the more melancholic Lithuanian strings to demonstrate how contrasting traditions can together produce a spectacular musical landscape in which ancient stories can demonstrate the human connection, magic and inter-connected ness in every day life.

Line up

Solo Cissokho ( Senegal ) – kora, vocal

Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė ( Lithuania ) – kanklės, vocal

‘The mix of Baltic and West African folk styles is an unlikely one, but the sound it creates is relaxing, thoughtful and oddly saddening, in the most beautiful way’


‘Real musical communication without any feeling of imposed fusion’