Stick Man & The Snowman (Cert: G)

Out for his regular jog, Stick Man is picked up by a playful dog and launched on a series of unfortunate adventures that take him ever further away from home. The seasons pass, until Stick Man meets a surprising friend who might just be able to help him get back. But will he make it home in time for Christmas?

Director: Jeroen Jaspaert

Featuring the voices of: Martin Freeman, Hugh Bonneville, Bob Brydon, Sally Hawkins, Jennifer Saunders, Russel Tove

Midnight one Christmas Eve, and a young boy finds that the snowman he built that day has magically come to life. The Snowman takes him on a magical journey, flying across countries and to the North Pole to meet Father Christmas. The Snowman is a truly charming and heart-warming short film.

Director: Diane Jackson

*Proof of full vaccination or else a recovery from COVID-19 certificate in the past 6 months is mandatory for patrons over the age of 18 to attend this performance. A valid form of ID is required to check certificates.*