Multilingual Storytelling Workshop

Super Paua Stories Workshop

Dia dhaoibh! Jambo! Dzień Dobry! 你好

Are you bursting with stories to tell? Where in your area has magic hidden beneath the surface? Where would the ghosts come to dance?

Join us in workshops for parents and children who speak more than one language. We will be exploring storytelling skills through different languages and cultures. The workshops will be run through English, but you are welcome to speak and express yourself in whatever languages you speak!

The workshop is for children (8-12) and their parents and adults who speak more than one language (18+). O

Working together we’d love to get to know what you love about stories to help us create an audio piece for children in your town for our fourth series of Super Paua Stories, a multilingual podcast for young people 5-12 years old.

Booking through Box Office on 01- 2724030