Senem Donatan Mohan presents

Tales from the Orient: The Fertile Crescent

**Booking will open on Wednesday 28th October**

YARN audiences are in for a real treat with storyteller Senem Donatan Mohan. Originally from Turkey and now living in Ireland, Senem will weave her story with two ancient Sumerian tales: ‘’The Immortality Journey of the Sumerian King Gılgamesh’’ and ‘’The Descent of the Love Goddess Inanna into the Underworld’’.

The stories are told in English with ethnic songs in Turkish and in ancient languages from Mesopotamia.

Join us in Mermaid Arts Centre and be transported to another world.

Age suitability: 14+

Senem Donatan Mohan is a storyteller from Turkey, who recently moved to Ireland. Senem holds a PhD in natural sciences. Besides her science career, she worked as a performing artist, director and dramaturgist in many art projects since 1998. She is one of the founders of Seiba International Storytelling Centre in Turkey and is an Executive Committee Member of the Federation of European Storytelling (FEST). Senem tells traditional stories as well as personal stories on stages, at festivals, in schools, libraries, museums, exhibitions, cultural and community centres as well as at special events for corporate clients. Her repertoire is rooted in Middle Eastern and Balkan folklore where she grew up and her ancestors lived.