Junk Ensemble Presents

The Bystander

The Bystander is an intriguing and adventurous dance-theatre production by multi-award winning dance innovators Junk Ensemble. Taking its name from the ‘bystander effect’ phenomenon of the murder of Kitty Genovese outside her apartment in Queens, NYC in 1964, whereby thirty-eight witnesses saw or heard the attack, yet none of them called the police, The Bystander brings to the surface some of the murkier and complex behaviours of contemporary society.

I didn't want to get involved’ Anonymous Neighbor, 1964

Performed by internationally acclaimed performers and drawing on the expertise of a sociologist, The Bystander gets under the skin of how we behave as individuals and groups. What makes us help someone and what makes us simply stand by? The work is choreographed and directed by Jessica Kennedy & Megan Kennedy and designed by a highly skilled creative team to create a rich and shadowy world.

‘The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it’ Albert Einstein

Cast and Creative Team

  • Direction and Choreography by Jessica Kennedy and Megan Kennedy and created in collaboration with the cast.
  • Performers: Steve Blount, Stephanie Dufresne, Stephen Moynihan, Tilly Webber
  • Set Design: Sabine Dargent
  • Lighting Design: Zia Bergin-Holly
  • Music and Sound Design: Denis Clohessy
  • Costume Design: Sarah Foley
  • Dramaturgy: Feidlim Cannon
  • Consultant Sociologist & Collaborator: Ciaran Smyth
  • Video Promo: Luca Truffarelli

Suitable for ages 15+

‘Combines visual eloquence with the gut-punch of a victim impact statement’

★★★★ Irish Times on Dolores at Dublin Dance Festival 2018

‘There is simply no resisting Dolores’ power. Provocative and unapologetically brilliant, Dolores offers a uniquely thrilling experience. One worth several revisits to make sure you don’t miss a thing’

★★★★ The Arts Review on Dolores, 2018

‘Junk Ensemble has created some of the most impressive contemporary dance in Ireland... Enthralling and exact’

The Sunday Times