Cert: PG

The Farewell

Billi is an unemployed Chinese-American writer, who moved as a child to New York with her parents. Currently still living with her family, Billi also keeps in regular contact by phone to China with her beloved grandmother Nai Nai.

When Billi’s parents tell her that Nai Nai has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, she is horrified to learn that the extended family has decided to follow Chinese tradition and not tell the old woman about her condition. Instead the relatives plot to “stage” a wedding for Billi’s cousin in China, so everyone can pay their last respects to the oblivious matriarch.

Director Lulu Wang skillfully finds the right balance between comedy and drama in this bittersweet, poignant and gentle film.

Winner, Audience Favourite, Sundance Film Festival: London 2019

‘One of the best films of the year so far.’

★★★★★ The Independent

‘… Wang deftly details both the guilt of living so far from family and how one's concept of what home really means can get so tangled.’

★★★★ The Guardian
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