The Island

Presented and written by Tina Noonan

Set in the Autumn of 2022, when four successful South Dublin school friends, gather round a kitchen island to finally celebrate a win over a rival rugby school, 45 years later.

Inspired by ongoing historic revelations of abuse by pupils who attended Ireland’s most prestigious, private schools.

Directed by Seamus Moran

Padraig Murray, Conor Donelan, Owen O’Gorman, Laurence Lowry and Ruairi Nicoll.

‘Noonan’s play, I believe, is a work of such importance for Ireland, a work of drama so powerfully close to the bone that several in the audience felt immediately resentful (always a good sign) and began to take up with reactionary complaints – too difficult, too triggering, too graphic for young ears. The language is raw, the subject matter substantial, but all of it I think, is necessary.’

Louise Roseingrave, Reporter/Journalist