Mr. Sands Youth Theatre Presents a One-Act Double Bill

The It by Vivienne Franzmann & Ceasefire Babies by Fiona Doyle

The It is about a teenage girl who has something growing inside her. She doesn't know what it is but she knows it's not a baby. It expands in her body - starting in her stomach, but quickly outgrows that, until eventually it takes over the entirety of her insides. She tries to live her life 'normally' while battling to keep The It inside of her but she can't contain it forever - sooner or later something's got to give...

Ceasefire Babies looks at the relationship our identities and beliefs have with the past. In a city still divided by a crumbling wall, siblings Mikey and Jamie no longer see eye to eye. There’s change in the air and not everyone’s ready for it. Jamie wants to reignite the old conflicts of her father and uncle but Mikey and their friends must decide to either take hold of their own destinies, or allow the ghosts of the past to dictate their futures.