Colin Urwin Presents

The Little Gold Ring: A Legend of the Spanish Armada

1588 and the greatest fleet of warships the world has ever seen set’s sail from Spain to invade England. Zago Augustin is a young Venetian mariner caught up in the tides of war. He bears a little gold ring inscribed, No Tengo Mas que darte, I have nothing more to give you. It is a gift from his lover and a reminder of their promise.

After defeat and months at sea Zago’s ship, La Girona, the most famous Spanish Armada vessel of them all, is laden with thirteen hundred desperate men and treasure beyond imagination. In a gale of wind the galleass comes to grief on the rugged north coast of Ireland.

Cast into the pitiless, raging sea to face a certain and terrifying death, Zago encounters captivating otherworldly creatures, long revered by native seafarers. He is offered a chance for salvation but must make an agonising choice.

The Little Gold Ring: A Legend of the Spanish Armada, is a storytelling collage of music, song, verse and prose which will take you on a journey of wonder and tug at your heart…

It is Colin Urwin's first one man show which was launched at a gala event to commemorate the loss of the famous Galleass, La Girona, at the Girona Arts Festival.

This event at YARN is the show's first unabridged performance. Don't miss it!

Colin Urwin