Cert: TBC

The New Boy

In 1940s Australia, the religiously feverish Sister Eileen (a mesmerising Cate Blanchett) presides over indigenous boys deliberately orphaned by the authorities. The arrival of a ‘new boy’ unsettles the monastery, but enlivens Sister Eileen’s fervour for Christ to guide him.

The new boy appears to possess miraculous abilities akin to those of Eileen’s chosen saviour — abilities that might recede if Eileen fails to recognize how Christian and Indigenous beliefs can exist in harmony.

In a rare return to Australian cinema, Blanchett offers a heartfelt embodiment of altruistic intentions foiled by an oppressive mandate. Aswan Reid is magnetic as the titular new boy, in a performance that rivals his acclaimed co-stars and heralds a stunning new screen talent.

Cannes Film Festival 2023
Toronto International Film Festival 2023
BFI London Film Festival 2023

Director: Warwick Thornton
Cast: Cate Blanchett, Aswan Reid, Deborah Mailman

‘There’s a kinetic strength to star-in-the-making Aswan Reid’s screen presence as we first glimpse his unnamed ‘new boy’... A scrapper with a mess of sun-bleached hair, he seems to channel the vast majesty of the mountainous desert’

Stephen A. Russell, Time Out

‘Meandering but never uninvolving, the film benefits, like its predecessors, from its writer-director-cinematographer’s extraordinary eye for light and locale, which goes beyond dewy pictorialism to reclaim a landscape from its imposing occupiers’

Guy Lodge, Variety

‘With a stirring mix of righteous anger and abiding serenity, Thornton terraforms the Wild West of his home nation into a spiritually parched landscape.’’

Charles Bramesco, Little White Lies
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