Produced by Draíocht Blanchardstown

The Visit by Deirdre Kinahan

Rose has washed and ironed her cowgirl shirt and skirt. She carries it on a hanger. She likes the way the fringe swings when she wears it. Makes her feel glamourous. Adventurous. Brave. She stands on the empty stage and looks out into the auditorium. Imagining what it will be like when it is full. Which it will be. Tonight. When the choir perform.

In the quiet of the theatre, she finds herself thinking back on the events of that morning, the events of last year, the last twenty years. When did she stop being her? Rose thinks about her dead husband Stephen, and her sons, and the man who knocked on her door.

A funny, heart-warming, touching new play that explores a hidden social reality we are only beginning to understand.

The Visit is written by Deirdre Kinahan, one of Ireland’s foremost playwrights. It is based on her play YES written as part of Draíocht’s groundbreaking HOME THEATRE (Ireland) Project in 2018. YES was inspired by the time Deirdre spent with Maureen Penrose, her HOME THEATRE host.

Produced by Draíocht Blanchardstown, ‘The Visit’ was originally funded by an Arts Council Theatre Project Award with significant additional support provided by Draíocht, and presented at Dublin Theatre Festival 2021. In 2022 The Visit will tour nationwide, thanks to a Touring Award from the Arts Council, as part of Draíocht's 21st Birthday Celebrations.

Creative Team:
Writer: Deirdre Kinahan
Director: Veronica Coburn
Performer: Mary O’Driscoll
Set & Costume Design: Deirdre Dwyer
Sound Design: Sinead Diskin
Lighting Design: Eamon Fox

‘a tremendous performance filled with heart, courage and charm ... audiences left the theatre feeling as though they could conquer the world’

University Times

‘There is warmth and honesty about the performance ... making the audience take Rose to their heart.’

No More Workshorse

‘... a powerful performance by Mary O’Driscoll ...’

Plays International