Bray Jazz Festival Presents:

Tin Men & The Telephone (Holland)

Tickets available on the door - cash only.

VENUE: The Well

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Dutch trio ‘Tin Men and the Telephone’ are an Amsterdam based band who have made a name for themselves for their innovative approach to engaging audiences during their improvised live shows.

Through the use of their cutting-edge technology, a specially-devised ‘Tinmendo’ mobile phone app, they invite their audiences to become a part of their multi-faceted, hugely engaging, enormously fun interactive shows, with remarkable results.

The band employ live electronics and projected visuals to create a one-of-a-kind multimedia experience. They find music in the sounds of everyday life, melodies in the cries of animals, rhythms in speech patterns or structures in the bustle of traffic, and use these as layers alongside their intimate familiarity with the rich harmonies of classical music and modern jazz, and the visceral rhythms of hip hop and Balkan traditions.

Their performances have a great atmosphere, with pieces ranging from the tongue-in-cheek zany humour to jaw-dropping musicianship, and moments of wonder that can be positively surreal.

‘The performance was so engaging and so funny that it was easy to forget that this was also music of some depth, with twists and turns, tough to unravel knots and rhythmic stops and starts.’

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