Twenty Fifty

The hit show from Fishamble and Irish Theatre Institute's DUETS programme in Dublin Fringe Festival 2020 returns!

TWENTY FIFTY is a live improvised game between an actor and a different invited guest each show, in which they attempt to get to the heart of the question: what would you save from the fire?

This beautifully unfolding high-wire performance is an attempt to create community in the most unlikely of places. Each performance is an unrepeatable experience live on Zoom. Dan Colley and Fionnuala Gygax use old school theatre magic and new technology to cultivate togetherness and shared understanding in a room full of strangers.

Three performances will take place at Mermaid Arts Centre with a mystery guest each evening. The guests names will be revealed in advance of the performances but the specific show they will attend will not be revealed adding a little mystery for the audience.

Our guest this evening, Thursday 1 July, is Emmet Kirwan.

Let’s gather together. Let’s squeeze in beside one another. We’ll warm our hands on the flames, play games of chance, tell stories of the old world, and see our future in the embers. We’ll remember this night.

Image credit: Patricio Cassanoni

‘I had a night at the theatre. In my bedroom. It was funny and sad. It was being at a play, at home. Part of an audience, alone...finding new ways to tell stories...Bravo’

Róisín Ingle

‘Cleverly subversive… with such conviction and cleverness it draws you in….the closest, smartest, most innovative approximations of live theatre online’

★★★★ The Arts Review

‘Beautiful… it was an inspiring evening.’

Tim Crouch