Karen Egan


Warrior is an online theatre film which is available to stream on demand from March 21 - April 6. Expect comedy, drama & music...

Captioned video available also.

Everyone knows somebody who has suffered from cancer. Being a patient puts everything into perspective and gives one time to reflect. As a breast cancer survivor, Karen’s journey through the medical system has inspired her to explore the vulnerability, chaos and humour of that experience. Warrior takes us on a dreamlike voyage, navigating the stormy seas of fragility, anxiety, patience, ignorance and good, old-fashioned mortality. In this beautifully shot theatre-film, our anti-heroine, Katherine Kirk, shows the many sides to her troubled mind as she time-travels through treatment, while also exploring her relationship with her brother Barry. This is a universal story of how we derive strength by turning adversity into opportunity. It’s also a universal story of Ireland’s best loved city, Kimmage.

Music and comedy have always played an important part in Karen’s work, and are central to this piece. Collaborating with leading musicians and actors, Egan fuses drama, music and satire in an entertaining and provocative way, presenting the idea of patient as both warrior and prey. In her parallel universe, Katherine explores the light and dark sides of what cancer can do to a family, and celebrates the warrior within us all.

The talented cast also includes actors and musicians Ruth McGill, Rory Pierce, Damian Evans and Cian Boylan.

Writer-Director: Karen Egan

Dramaturg: Maureen White

Lighting Design: John Comiskey

Set Design: Paul Keogan

Costume Design: Sinéad Lawlor

Production Manager: Stephen Bourke

Stage Manager: Evie McGuinness

Make up Design: Sharon Doyle

Graphic Design: Mark Kilroy

Poster image: Shane McCarthy

Production Photography: Ste Murray

Original Music: Karen Egan & Cian Boylan (recorded at Camden Recording Studios)

Live sound recording: Paul Ashe Browne

Director of Photography: Graham Seely

Video Producer: Tim Gannon

Editing: Gansee Films

Producer: Karen Egan

Funded by the Irish Arts Council in partnership with Project Arts Centre, Mermaid Arts Centre & The Everyman (Ireland), and with Rakastajat-teatteri (Finland).

Cast & Musicians:

Karen Egan

Ruth McGill

Rory Pierce

Damian Evans

Cian Boylan (Musical Director)