Cert: UC

We the Animals

Based on Justin Torres’s semi-autobiographical novel, this debut feature from Jeremiah Zagar follows Jonah, the youngest of three brothers as he begins to awaken to a world beyond that of his volatile family.

As the boys grow up, unshielded from their parents intense and often violent love, the family struggle financially and Jonah beginning to break away from his brothers and to find himself.

Under his bed each night, after his brothers have gone to sleep, Jonah draws and writes in his journal, as his creativity takes him to an imagined world all of his own. When the boys meet the grandson of a neighbouring farmer Jonah’s differences are pushed to the fore.

‘We, The Animals is an ambitious mix of styles: with its beautifully composed 16mm cinematography, soaked in warm-hued nostalgia, and surrealist flights of fancy and animation, it makes for a visually pleasing and surprising film.’

Anthony Kaufman, Screen International

‘a beautifully made film with surreal flourishes..’

Tara Brady, The Irish Times

‘... a diaphanous beauty… impressionistic, free-spirited….One of the discoveries of the year so far’

★★★★ Wendy Ide, The Guardian
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