A Jody O’Neill & Abbey Theatre co-production, in association with The Everyman & Mermaid County Wicklow Arts Centre

What I (Don't) Know About Autism **SOLD OUT**

Sandra is looking for love. Gordon is seeking acceptance. Simon just needs these parents to be quiet for two minutes so he can get on with teaching their kids.

And Casper? Casper is not here.

What I (Don’t) Know About Autism is a sometimes comic, sometimes heart-breaking look at the world of autism. It uses narrative, song and dance in an exploration of this contentious and often misunderstood subject matter.

Inspired by the writer’s own experience with autism and performed by a cast of autistic and non-autistic actors, the play celebrates autistic identity whilst offering deeper insight and understanding to non-autistic audiences.

All performances include a post-show talkback.

Funded by the Arts Council, Wicklow County Council and Dublin City Council. Co-produced by the Abbey Theatre in association with Mermaid County Wicklow Arts Centre and The Everyman. Supported by AsIAm, Middletown Centre for Autism, KCAT, Triple A, Rough Magic and Fishamble New Play Company.

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Cast: Shay Croke, Matthew Ralli, Paula McGlinchey, Jayson Murray, Jody O’Neill, Eleanor Walsh

Producer: Melissa Nolan

Writer: Jody O’Neill

Director: Dónal Gallagher

Choreographer: Cindy Cummings

Set and Costume Design: Medb Lambert

Lighting Design: Eoin Winning

Sound Design: Carl Kennedy

Production Manager: Anthony Hanley

PR: Dairne O’Sullivan

Graphic Design: BLAM

Stage Manager: Cian Mulhall

Assistant Stage Manager: Shannon Cowen

Content Warning: Although the show contains many moments of humour and lightness, it also contains discussion of the killing of a child, mistreatment of children, ableism, and childbirth. Brief violence, profane language, ableism, and alcohol usage depicted on stage. Loud noises and music. This show is suitable for ages 16+. Instances of loud noise and music are flagged by performers each time during the show.

The cast of What I (Don''t) Know About Autism talking about their upcoming relaxed performance and what to expect.