What Is Not Ours To Carry

Who would you be if you hadn’t tried so hard to be yourself? Questioning the perceptions and expectations which have shaped our sense of self and how we define those we meet, “What Is Not Ours To Carry” is an immersive performance fusing contemporary dance and live music. Through a series of visual obstructions, the performance asks us to find comfort in the hazy and unclear space in which the self resides. Can we give space to ourselves and others to live in this haze, free from expectations and stereotypes, or are we doomed to live in the boxes built for us by others?

Exploring the intricate tapestry of bias which clouds our daily interactions, this immersive performance challenges preconceived notions and invites reflection into the true authentic self.

With choreography by Ali Clarke and live music by Ruben Monteiro the work comes to life in an immersive set designed by Emma Fisher and lit by Zia Bergin Holly.

Concept and choreography: Ali ClarkeComposition: Ruben Monteiro
Set and Costume Design: Emma Fisher
Light Design: Zia Bergin-Holly
Dramaturgy: Hanna Slattne
Technical Operation: Cain Lynch
Production Manager: Juley-Ann Collins
Photography: Amy Trucks

Special thanks to Colin Bartley, Peter Bond, Ivan Owen, Elena Kreusch, Sophia Herzog and Katja Heitmann

Created with the support of Mermaid Arts Centre and co-funded by the Irish Arts Council, Axis Theatre Ballymun and Arts and Disability Connect Ireland