No Wifi - North Wicklow Films presents

Wicklow Stories Screening

No WiFi are back at Mermaid Arts Centre with another collection of great short films.

We have comedies such as Night Out In Killashandra by Lina Jalala. Starring Aidan O Sullivan, Ella Lenox, Fabien Oman, Lina Jalala, Maria Oxley Boardman, Martin Mahon.

Dramatic pieces such as Wild Thing by Fiona Aryan. Starring Afshin Aryan, Anahita Aryan, Hana Hall, Philip Arneill, John McNally, Ashkan Aryan, Jakub Pekul, Grainne the Fox and Dashi the Dog.

The Mother In Law directed John McNally, written by Marie Carbery. Starring Marie Carbery, Brian Matthews-Murphy, Andy Boliveira, Rebecca Rose Flynn, David McMahon, David Kennedy.

Second Chance directed by Bill Stapleton, written by Ganesh Ramachandran. Starring Brian Matthews Murphy and Pauli Gannon.

Wicklow Stories: The Pier directed by Ronika Merl, John McNally, Sinead Cassidy Holt, Mikey Kane, Caleb Ballantine, written by Ronika Merl, Produced by Ronika Merl, Brian Matthews Murphy, Conor McKenna. Starring Roy O'Connor, Sandra Hayden Mason, Ryan Murray, Sinead Cassidy Holt, Darren Malone, Fathimah Kara, Lovedeep Singh, Aleesha Joe, Shane Robinson, Donna O'Sullivan, Therese Ballantine

Artistic pieces such as Discovering Memories by Joseph Steven Fuller.

My Dream Out by Fiona Aryan with words by Lani O Hanlon

Honour Her directed, written and produced by Caroline Hill. Starring Camille Heffernan, Rosie Carter, Brian Matthews Murphy, Wendy Stephens, Kevin O'Kelly. Jayson Dockrell Murray, Mikey Kane, Felix Carter, Petra Ema Uí Callanáin, Paul Sparkes, Bobby Calloway, Aisling Hamilton, Rían Mahood Gallagher

Supernatural Films such as Hannah Wins by Lina Jalala, written by Giorgio Paoletti. Starring John Barrett, Wayne O Broin, Kendal Kennedy, Oliwia Falowska.

Fetch by Thomas Quill. Starring Zebulun Vella Whelan, Paul Sparkes, Mike Timms

Life's A Wish And Then You Die by Richard Waters. Starring Rebecca Rose Flynn, John McNally, David McMahon

We end the screening with A 60s sci fi pastiche Mad Cows From Planet Moo by Bobby Calloway. Starring Brian Matthews Murphy, Bobby Calloway, Dana Lee Al Qattan, Jack McKenna, Sheenagh Shannon, Liana Kerzner, Zeke Weldon.