Cert: 12A


Jerry and Jeanette Brinson, a seemingly happily married couple, have recently moved to Montana with their teenage son Joe. Everything changes when Jerry loses his job. Frustrated and rudderless, he ignores his wife’s objections and takes a job fighting dangerous wildfires. With Jerry away, Jeanette chooses to re-examine her own lot in life, making some dramatic decisions to reclaim her independence. A bewildered Joe watches on as the life he knew falls apart.

Paul Dano makes the transition from acting to the director’s chair with extraordinary confidence. Adapted from Richard Ford’s novel, Wildlife is a vivid study of the cracks that appear in one American family’s comfortable, normal life. Carey Mulligan and Jake Gyllenhaal both offer up remarkable performances in this devastating film.

‘An affecting coming-of-age drama based on a superb book and directed by an exceptional actor in his directorial debut.’

The Wall Street Journal