Paul Timoney Presents

Zoom Zoo Workshop

Online Arts and Storytelling workshop with Paul Timoney

Age Suitability: 9-12 Years

What do alien animals look like? Are they huge like dinosaurs… or tiny like bugs? Or are they terrifying like huge bugs… or cute, like tiny dinosaurs? Can they talk? Or turn invisible? Or even fly? Wait… we have things that fly here on Earth – that’s no big deal.

Anyway… during our Thursday afternoon workshop everyone will get to create their own alien animal, as well as a background to show where they live.

When we have made our various things a great Alien Animal Expert will arrive to interview all of the alien animals to find out what they are called… and what they like to eat… and any other interesting facts they have to share.

This workshop will be a mixture of creation, imagination and fun.

You will need – an empty cereal box and a stick (a wooden skewer with the sharp bit snipped off would be ideal but anything will do), cellotape, markers, crayons and other things to colour with… and if you want to be very fancy – googly eyes and glue and stickers and anything else you like.

Facilitated by Paul Timoney – artist, performer, storyteller, poet, art teacher and general maker of things.

Please note, this workshop will be presented online via the Mermaid Arts Centre's ZOOM account (details will be provided to bookers on the day) and as with all of our workshops, one of the Mermaid Arts Centre Team will also be present. Please note, due to the online nature of this workshop, capacity is limited and pre-booking is essential.

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