A programme of contemporary moving image works by Irish & international artists

aemi Tour 2023: Súitú

Curated by aemi, ‘Súitú’ brings together some of the most affecting moving image works by Irish and international artist filmmakers we encountered over the past year.

The programme features films by Fábio Andrade (Brazil), Susan Hughes (Northern Ireland), Morgan Quaintance (UK), Bárbara Lago (Argentina), Sofia Theodore-Pierce (USA), Lisa Freeman (Ireland) and Holly Márie Parnell (Ireland).

‘Súitú’ – an Irish language term pronounced Suet-two – is the sucking in-and-out sound of stones on the shoreline at night, often heard in springtime when large waves pull pebbles and then roll them back in. Evoking the elemental, the programme’s pacing picks up not just on the familiar ebb and flow of the sea, but also the rhythmic actions that circumscribe contemporary lived experience. From inner psychological journeys to the phenomenological, the seven films in this programme together offer an emotional, embodied and deeply sensory experience.

Text by Ruairí McCann
The programme is accompanied by a newly commissioned text by writer and film programmer Ruairí McCann.

To read Ruarí’s text click here.

Total running time 80 minutes (on continuous loop)

Fábio Andrade, Contorno/ Contour, 2021, Brazil, digital, 10 minutes
Susan Hughes, Eyes Like Cats, 2022, Northern Ireland, digital, subtitled, 3 minutes
Morgan Quaintance, A Human Certainty, 2021, United Kingdom, 16mm transferred to digital, 20 minutes
Bárbara Lago, Yon, 2021, Argentina, digital, subtitled, 8 minutes
Sofia Theodore-Pierce, Other Tidal Effects, 2021, USA, 16mm transferred to digital, 7 minutes
Lisa Freeman, Hook, Spill, Cry Your Eyes Out, 2020, Ireland, digital, 3 minutes
Holly Márie Parnell, Cabbage, 2022, Ireland, digital, 28 minutes

aemi's touring programme 'Súitú’ made its world premiere at Cork International Film Festival in November 2022 and is on tour nationally and internationally throughout 2023. For more information visit www.aemi.ie

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