Photography Exhibition

Bray Camera Club

Exhibition Opening: Thursday 9th February at 6pm

Photography is an important medium. Through photos we share so much about who we are: what we find beautiful, fascinating, funny, delicious, important, inspiring. What makes Photography most powerful is how democratic it is. It allows all of us to become artists. Photographs can be transformative as well as evoke nostalgia. They serve as a chronicle of our lives, where we've been, what we've done, who we were. They tell the story we don't always speak. They're a legacy we leave behind, offering a way to share our stories with generations to come.

Since its foundation in 1971, the Bray Camera Club has provided a forum for its members to learn and support one another - a space for improving their photographic skills and developing their creativity. From their phones, compact cameras and digital SLRs, to film and large format cameras, Club members take a range of approaches to the creation of their work. The Club’s photography ranges through documentary, abstract, portrait and landscape.

Now holding weekly meetings at Mermaid Arts Centre, this exhibition of selected works is an illustration of the photographic art explored by club members.