James Horan, Helen O'Connell, Martha Quinn & David McGlynn

Conspicuous 4ms

OPENING: Thursday 23 May at 6pm

An exhibition of three-dimensional artwork. Mass, weight, volume, composition and balance. Forms. Separating sculpture from two-dimensional artwork, sculpture exists in real space. The beauty of a sculpture does not come only from visual stimulation. Sculpture has a tangible, tactile quality which pulls the viewer toward and, importantly, around an object.

In Conspicuous 4ms we find the work of four different artists: James Horan, Helen O’Connell, Martha Quinn & David McGlynn. Influences are found in all aspects of life. Nature, science, social observation, travel. It is the artists unique experiences and observations that led to a diverse selection of striking sculpture. This exhibition is at once figurative, abstract, organic & geometric.