Julie Henry & Angela Fulcher


This exhibition brought together the work of two artists, Julie Henry and Angela Fulcher, both of whom in their practice explore social spaces, such as football matches and music festivals, and our participation in society.

The football phenomenon featured heavily in the work of the two artists, both approaching the sport from diverse angles and with different intentions. 'Going Down' by Julie Henry comprised two projections played on a continuous loop of ardent fans at a football match. One projection focused on the subdued group supporting the losing team, while the other featured the celebratory actions of the supporters of the winning side. The work gave a sense of the investment of the fans in their team and blurs the boundaries between audience and performer.

Angela Fulcher’s collage, assemblage and installation work included 'Balls', a geodesic sculpture created using found footballs washed up on the shores of the Lee, 'Fabric Football' made from the fabric of found umbrellas and 'Out There 4 Man' incorporating material from tents unceremoniously abandoned after music festivals.

The exhibition was accompanied by an extensive education programme sponsored by Greenstar.