Brian Maguire


An exhibition of new painted works and related material that launched the completion of the artists’ commission as part of Wicklow County Council’s Per Cent for Art Commissioning Programme 2006 – 2009. Brian Maguire was commissioned to make new work arising from the construction of Wicklow County Council’s first dedicated Library building in Blessington. Choosing the idea of place and new communities, he met with new entrants to the town of Blessington both from Ireland and abroad. Blessington is now home to people from Poland, Tallaght, Japan, Brussels and Cameroon. Researching each place and the accompanying way of life brought forward interesting social and aesthetic issues for the artist leading him to develop the works.

The exhibition featured this new work in full and was accompanied by an artist’s book. This work was presented by Wicklow County Arts Office and was supported by an education and access programme for schools, for further information contact