Opening: Thursday 23 August at 6pm

Mermaid is proud to present this exhibition of selected art work from artists working within Autism Initiatives. Mermaid’s guiding principles are democracy, inclusivity and equality. We believe being able to participate in cultural activity and expression is a fundamental right of every artist / citizen. Art is a non-passive autonomous act which has the potential to connect us to our resilience and power. Art is naturally experimental and promotes individuality and choice. The motivations, intentions, and inspirations behind art are endless, what connects this powerful group of artists is they share a special connection to what they make and their desire to create is an inherent part of them. A part of them that cannot be silenced and must be seen.

ARTISTS: Aron Coster, Conor Dempsey, Cormac Slater, Carl Lewis, Dominic Byrne, Daniel Kennedy, Gretta Moran, James Connolly, Jeff Meakin, Jenny Lyons, Michael Wall, Mark Dawson, Robert Palmer, William Boran. This exhibition has been made possible with the work and support of Autism Initiatives and Keshet Zur.