Janine Davidson

Into the gravelly ground

Exhibition Opening: Thursday June 8th 2017 at 6.00pm

Janine Davidson’s practice incorporates sculpture, installation, video and photography. The work is characterised by an interest in projection, framing and screening, through a consideration of the language of optics and seeing. This current body of work observes where artificial and natural worlds collide in an investigation of subterranean landscapes. Janine explores the manifestation of convergence through the projection and distortion of imagery to present a different view. Her work is a transformative process that forms connections between the visible and invisible, the erasure and disclosure, the familiar and the unknown.

The changing contours of memory are of interest to Davidson, amplified by both context and sense of place. Her work draws our attention to what we look at versus what we see, what memories we retain and what we discard, what is obscured and what is laid bare. How an image is framed affects our perception and understanding of how we engage with it. Site and the use of particular architectures both geological and manmade, retain shadows, memories and secrets, in her work we are invited to explore the gradations and balance of both illumination and shadows.
Shadows and Silhouettes, Séamus McCormack