Dan Shipsides

Pan 360

PAN 360 was an ongoing series of landscape-based videos which were made by attaching a modified camera to a leash and whirling it through the space above and around the artist’s body. Shot in location while pursuing other habitual activities such as rock climbing, the spinning of the camera dissolves conventional landscape scenes or views into sequences of dramatic visual activity where the landscape image is literally put into a spin, creating what could be termed as a video-scape. The raw ‘video-scapes’ and audio combine both the artists action (selecting location, spinning, speed, timing and stamina) with the beautiful footage of the environment.

Shipsides seeks ways to explore spaces often with a physical engagement and to produce works in both rural and urban landscapes. He aims to draw from, document or reflect an experience of ‘being there’ whilst also linking to social and historical contexts.

Dan Shipsides was born in Lancashire, England in 1972, and has lived and worked in Belfast since 1995. He is currently a researcher and lecturer at the School of Art & Design at the University of Ulster in Belfast. www.danshipsides.com