Pat MacAllister

Peering Out

Exhibition opens Friday 1st July & runs until Saturday 13th August.

This new body of work from Bray-based artist MacAllister reflects a gradual shift from previous recurring themes (for example the Dublin lockout series, the Cable street series, the bog body series) to more purely abstract works inspired by the surfaces and materials themselves.

What brings all of the work together is an endeavour to get under the surface of any subject, be it abstract or semi-figurative and try to distil its essence through paint applied in as raw and direct a way as possible.

He explains, “I work best in an intuitive, improvisatory manner often from historic news footage, local and urban landscapes, other artworks, or really anything that triggers the imagination. I often use a range of industrial tools (scrapers, fillers, knives, screwdrivers) to find marks that reflects my response to a subject.

My work practise sometimes feels archaeological, digging down or scraping at layers to excavate an essence or theme. Ultimately, I hope the work speaks for itself and that I have managed to make something that has enough energy and strength to endure.”