Grandparents are important, let’s celebrate them!

Portraits & Poetry

Call-Out to all Wicklow Young People under 18!

The bond between grandchildren and their grandparents is a magical one! Are you missing your Gran or Granda? … close your eyes and open your mind and share with us how wonderful they are!

Mermaid Arts Centre are asking young people living in Wicklow (aged between 2 and 18) to use your imagination, get creative draw a picture and write a poem about your Gran, Granda, nana, Granpa and tell how much you love them.

Whether you’re only able to see them through a window, or on the phone or maybe you’re only able to remember and picture them in your imagination, it doesn’t matter, we want to hear from you all!

Get drawing and show us how beautiful, colourful and wonderful your grandparent is and also write a poem telling us even more about them and their story and how you feel about them. Perhaps they are extremely loving or silly, kind, strong, careful and maybe forgetful perhaps they follow the rules or encourage you to break them.

Tell us, share with us, just how important and wonderful they have been in your life.

From mid-June to end of October Mermaid will have all of the work sent to us displayed on our website. We may also share some images on our social media and in our e-newsletter.

In the autumn we will select pictures and poems (as many as we can!) in an exhibition in our Gallery. We cannot wait!! (Please hold on to your original work in case we ask you for the original).


Pictures and Poems can be sent by email to us at any time between 1 June and 30 September

Email address is



Poems can be typed in Word or directly into an email but we will also accept pictures of poems if they are hand-written. They can be any length.

Please make sure to include;

1. The title of your poem

2. your first name

3. your age

4. and Wicklow town/village you are from.


Your portrait/picture should be A4 or A3 in size.

Please take a photograph or scan of your picture and email it to us along with your poem.

Please include a title for your picture and which materials you have used (crayon, charcoal, card, etc.)

We will accept work in any medium, your piece may be made digitally, drawn, painted in pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, crayon, pastel, watercolour, gouache, acrylics, oils, poster colour and collage. All work must have been completed between May and end September 2020.

Please note that your parent and guardian must send the email to us as consent for your work being displayed both on the website, on social media, in our e-newsletter and in the gallery.

So get thinking about those grandparents and send us your creations! We bet your grandparents will be thrilled to see your artwork on our website too!

Image Credit: Huge thanks to artist Paul Timoney for his pictures of Granny and Grandad.