Voices in the Landscape

This group exhibition featured video work by artists with an interest in rural and urban landscapes, who through the medium of the voice explored their relationship with these land and townscapes. Artists such as Richard T. Walker address the landscape directly, and yet just as the Romantic hero is dwarfed by the landscape, the artist feels alienated by the landscape as his voice goes unheard and unanswered.
Others artists opted for more subtle interventions in the landscape, with Aileen Lambert for example, humanising and giving a voice to the wind. In other instances, it is the land itself that speaks to us. Jesse Jones places an opera singer in an urban setting, creating a tension between the human voice and the sounds of the urban environment. This exhibition questioned the way in which we perceive our built and natural environments, and urges us to consider how we position ourselves in relation to these landscapes.
Jesse Jones (IRL), Aileen Lambert (IRL), Graeme Miller (UK), Lemn Sissay (UK), Richard T. Walker (UK)

Curated by Nora Hickey