Dominic Stevens

Works by Nature and Man

“There are almost no landscapes in Europe that are purely natural, all are the result of a relationship between the land and people, their daily labours, rituals and beliefs. Wicklow is no exception. Wicklow is a creation of the ideas and the industry of man.The people of Wicklow are not a homogeneous group, they are made up of many people with different and often contrasting views, needs and priorities and this creates a complex web of differing attitudes, ambitions and desires. I am interested in the places that these attitudes meet the land.”
–Dominic Stevens

In this exhibition, architect Dominic Stevens will explore aspects of rurality on the one hand and the picturesque on the other as it pertains to the landscape of Wicklow. He will use theories concerning the working land, cultural landscapes, the sublime and attitudes and ideas gleaned from a process of conversations with different communities of Wicklow. Dominic encourages us to think and to question and his ambition is to work to challenge paradigms and provoke agency and social change.

This exhibition has been supported by Apex Solutions specialising in property maintenance/management and renovations along with insulation with over 40 years experience. They are a totally family run business based in Greystones, Co.Wicklow and have many happy customers locally and the surrounding areas.