An evolution of Global Viruses (from Spanish flu 1918, Asian flu 1957, SARs 2003 to CoVid19)

by Fiona O'Hara

Medium: Glass flasks, linen, embroidery cotton, cotton and linen handkerchiefs from matching eras & paper tissue

Dimensions: 20cm x 17cm

Price: €400

My arts practice is that of an insatiably curious person who has always striven to understand experiences through engaging mixed media and science. I am fascinated by the materiality of different media, from textiles, encaustics, ceramic clays and slips and how they interact with dry porous plaster moulds and other grounds. To learn more visit https://fionaoharaart.wordpres...

‘An evolution of Global Viruses’ began with a hand embroidered handkerchief given to me with a collection of vintage lace by a friend. The initials embroidered in this handkerchief was of a relative of hers who lived in American around the time of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. The beautiful bespoke stitch work on this handkerchief would have made it a treasured and reused item whereas, in today’s context the disposable tissue and face masks to avoid bacterial contamination cause other environmental contaminants. ‘An evolution of Global Viruses’, is four glass flasks, containing four Pandemics that have evolved over the last century. The first flask holds the 1918 Spanish influenza microscopic cells stitched into linen in the base, with a hand embroidered handkerchief of the same era suspended above, Asian flu 1957, SARS 2003, and the fourth flask containing stitched CoVid19 virus cells with a disposable paper tissue suspended above it.