Primal Language

by Christine Da Paor

Medium: Mixed medium

Dimensions: Painting in frame approx. 10-inch squared

Price: €390

Christine has participated in various group shows in both Dublin and Wicklow, including a show at NCAD, where she was awarded a prize for her body of work in print and mixed media. She exhibits her work on an ongoing basis in The Design House and online.

Her inspiration comes from a deep connection and reverence for the land and the natural environment. She views the earth as a sacred space of collective energy and memories. Her paintings relate to the idea that the earth and indeed landscape holds this energy. She is interested in creating energy-scapes based on th­is stored collective energy, where the energy overlaps, flows and vibrates. She visualises what is happening deep below the surface and is trying to capture the energetic essence of the Land.

Christine combines mark making with a diverse combination of mediums including cold wax, gesso, paint, oil pastel, graphite, gold and copper leaf. She has a natural curiosity for the organic and inorganic patterns, lines, and shapes she sees in nature and they often feature in her work. Her process involves building up layers and working intuitively, removing or adding other elements thereby creating contrast and movement. The combination of these various elements and materials creates a visual language and act as a metaphor for how the landscape itself is shaped over time.