Performance Artist

Francis Fay

Mermaid supported Francis in his application to have two weeks in the Tyron Guthrie Centre in Annaghmakerig. Mermaid also paid Francis for two weeks in order to ensure he did not experience loss for income while working.

Francis Fay uses performance art to explore forms enhancing our understanding of Reality, by investigating intimately the physical and spiritual seduction of location. He is especially interested in points of intersection where worlds collide (what the Celts called ‘an saol eile’ or otherworld), and in which the inner landscape intertwines with what we know and can see. Reclamation is one of Fay’s key objectives. Queering traditional ritual, he uses it as a lens through which to reframe bodies, subjects and place, bypassing veils of illusion, habits and patterns in order to respond to the world through direct experience, connecting to the elemental, and ultimately conversing directly with the Source.