FRNKNSTN in Development

Theatre Lovett

We are delighted to have Theatre Lovett as our 2018 Theatre Artists in Residence at Mermaid, developing their newest work FRNKNSTN. Written by Michael West FRNKNSTN is a modern mutation of Mary Shelley's classic, Frankenstein.

This daring adaptation re-imagines Victor Frankenstein as a gene-splicing molecular biologist who creates human life from his own DNA, with catastrophic results.

FRNKNSTN runs at The Abbey from 17 August - 1 September (Not suitable for under 16s!)

Cast includes: Louis Lovett

Writer: Michael West

Director: Muireann Ahern

Lighting Designer: Sarah Jane Shiels

Composer: Dunk Murphy

Ingénieur: Jack Phelan

Sculptural Works: Ger Clancy and Matthew Kennedy in association with ArtFx Ltd.

Production Manager: Lisa Mahony

Stage Manager: Clare Howe

Producer: Jeanine MacQuarrie