38 Theatre Makers

Gap Day Artists 2020

Gap Day

A small bit of good news in these tough times! We are delighted to announce the 38 freelance theatre artists, currently in lockdown across the island, who we will be supporting to take Gap Days later in the year.

Gap Day is a micro-residency that gives theatre artists the opportunity to dive into the creative thinking they have put on the long finger. Participants are hosted by arts centres and venues close to their homes for one or two days and given a small bursary for their time, freeing them up to think, plan and dream.

Gap Day is an initiative by Lian Bell, in collaboration with Mermaid Arts Centre and funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.

While this year’s Gap Day artists won’t physically have the chance to take their Gap Days until venues reopen, we felt it was a good time to celebrate them and their work.