MOOP - In Development

In August Mermaid supported the development of MOOP. MOOP is a physical and object theatre project for an all ages audience about playfulness and discovery. The devising of the show is led by the playable potential of objects we have collected during the development of the show: each vignette is devised around the potential of an object or objects to inspire a moment of play or discovery: a game, a challenge, a dance, or even just an image. The objects are never transformed into something else, they remain what they are even as a game can blend into an illusion. My intention in making MOOP is to create a performance for a wide age-range which puts a theatrical framework around the unfakeable qualities of play and creation, and which eschews any patronising moral lessons in favour of a more radical provocation: that pleasure, fun and escapism are worthwhile in and of themselves.

MOOP will perform at Dublin Fringe Festival 2019 at Smock Alley Theatre on September 7th - 22nd, Saturdays and Sundays 11am & 1.30pm.

MOOP consists of cast members Caoimhe Mulcahy, Madi O'Carroll, Fiona Stout, Siobhán Callaghan, Lórcan Strain, Producer Liza Cox , Stage & Production Manager Ciara Meehan, Director Cathal McGuire.