Arts Centres Visual Arts Orbit

Newly Formed Group of Regional Arts Centres Seek Freelance Strategic Consultant for Research in Visual Arts


Arts Centres Visual Arts Orbit (working title) is a new informal group of regional arts centres who aim to explore ways of collaborating to present visual arts and share ideas and opportunities to develop and promote visual arts for their audiences collectively.

The Group is Draíocht (Blanchardstown), Dunamaise Arts Centre (Portlaoise), glór (Ennis), Linenhall Arts Centre (Castlebar), Mermaid Arts Centre (Bray), Síamsa Tíre (Tralee) and The Source (Thurles). We each present year-round visual arts programmes and are keen to collaborate and share resources and knowledge to enhance and develop our programmes and increase opportunities for visual arts to tour.

The group came together to apply for Capacity Building Funding from The Arts Council, and was awarded this to undertake this project as a launchpad to potentially developing as a network.

It is worth noting that in order for the Network to be viable it needs a light touch approach that is sustainable for Arts Centres, particularly in light of staff workloads. It would aim to be a lean approach to shared collaboration that is efficient, resourceful and collegial.

The Vision:

The vision is to enhance the visual arts offer across the venues, share resources, extend the life and value of works developed, and build audiences.

Our Goals:

  • To assess the viability and focus of a Visual Arts Network for this group of arts centres
  • To formulate shared goals and ways of collaborating, commissioning, presenting and touring work collectively
  • To receive expert curatorial input on visual arts practise, national landscape and audience appetite
  • To create a deliverable plan about ways to initiate the Network and co-operate efficiently
  • To diversify our programmes and our partners.

Full details of the brief, project stages and application details can be found here.

Applications by email only to: Alan Troy at before 5pm on Tuesday 1st March 2022 with subject line Visual Arts Network Consultation.

This project is funded by The Arts Council

Image from Richard Mosse exhibition.