Visual Artists

Outpost Studios

Three years ago Mermaid helped to establish an artist’s studio with 8 local artists. Mermaid negotiated space and signed the lease on behalf of the artists.

On the night of February 20th 2018, a massive fire broke out at Outpost Studios, Bray, completely destroying the livelihood of the eight artists.

They lost materials, tools, books, archives, sketchbooks, works in progress and finished pieces. They have lost their place of work and their means of production.

Mermaid is working with the artists to try to establish a new studio as well as fundraising to replace some of the materials and tools lost.

Mermaid also supported Outpost Studios artists by offering the multipurpose room for 3 weeks for use as a studio space and meeting room and with the use of the theatre space for their fundraiser which took place on Saturday 8th September and included guests such as Wyvern Lingo, We Cut Corners, Sharon Mannion and Paul Timoney.

The 8 Outpost artists are:

Joanne Boyle

Rachel Fallon

Emma Finucane

Raine Hozier Byrne

Laura Kelly

Joanna Kidney

Eleanor Phillips

Ann Marie Webb.