Philip Byrne - Storyteller in Residence 2023

Mermaid Arts Centre is delighted to welcome Philip Byrne as Storyteller in Residence 2023. Philip is collecting stories from across the county, which will be presented at the YARN Storytelling Festival later this year.

Tea & Tales – An Evening Down Memory Lane

Everyone has memories of times past, the way we lived, worked and played. Times may have been harder but the memories linger on. These are the memories of ordinary people who have lived ordinary lives. Sadly, these memories will be lost unless we keep them alive.

Philip wants to hear from people around the county to chat about how where you live has changed, the work that people did, school, sport, entertainment and anything else that comes to mind about times past.

Contact Philip on 087 2627806 or through the Mermaid Arts Centre Box Office (01) 272 4030